About Us


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DooMode is the brand name of our jewellery from Beach Impression. We opened this family-owned store in 2008 in The Beaches area in Toronto after being drawn in by the warm and welcoming community (and the beautiful beach)!

We created DooMode to share the beauty and joy of exceptional jewellery. DooMode jewellery belongs extravagance as much as it does to everyday looks. From special occasions to everyday errands, DooMode jewellery will add that special touch. 

Our specialty is our Swarovski-crystal earrings and necklaces which are made with 925 sterling silver. All of our our Made with Swarovski jewellery is handcrafted and designed by our local designers! 

We also have a “graphic” series for those who enjoy something cuter 🙂 This series is known for being made with rhodium. Go check it out! 

A HUGE thank you to all of our loyal customers and supporters! We truly hope you love DooMode as much as we do!